3rd Posture symposium:
The 3rd Posture symposium was organized in September 6th - 9th 2003 in Smolenice.

5th Posture symposium:
The 5th Posture symposium will be in September
3rd - 6th 2008 in Smolenice.

4 th International Posture Symposium

Human Balance Control:
Physiology, Disorders, Modeling and Rehabilitation

was organised by
Institute of Normal and Pathological Physiology
Slovak Academy of Sciences, F. Hlavacka

with scientific committee:
J. Allum, L. Chiari, J. Frank, FB. Horak, J. Jeka, T. Mergner

Keynote lecture:
Thomas Brandt

Smolenice castle:
The Smolenice castle, surrounded by a beautiful park, is towering above the village of Smolenice in the eastern foothills of Male Karpaty (Small Carpatians). Castle was rebuilt in the romantic style and now it offers full accommodation and conference comfort.